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There’s no place like home There’s no place like home, goes the old saying, and even after the best vacation
When your basement floods, whatever the cause, the first problem you face is how to get rid of all of
What is a crawl space? A crawl space could be described as a miniature basement area, built beneath the house,
Why are basements subject to waterproofing problems? As the name clearly implies, a basement is the area at the lowest
That dank, musty smell caused by mold spores Everyone is familiar with the musty moldy smell that hangs in the
We are often asked how the water that causes a damp basement gets into the house. Many people have come
We left off last time discussing the water table and its role in causing wet soggy back yards and a damp basement.
Where Did the French Drain Originate? Contrary to the popular notion, the French drain didn’t originate in that country! It
When you stroll around your yard on a sunny day, the ground around your house seems firm and dry, but

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