Basement Waterproofing

 Waterproofing experts in Baltimore, MD

Waterproofing your basement may appear to be “just another thing to do” for a busy homeowner. However, protecting your basement means protecting your home’s investment. Even if you’ve only had minor leaks or mold, it’s critical to seek professional basement waterproofing advice, as water infiltration does not stop by itself and can worsen over time. Anchor Waterproofing has the best waterproofing contractors and the most affordable services in the area, so you can be confident that your basement waterproofing experience will be a worthwhile investment.

Basement waterproofing also adds value to your home. A new owner will want to ensure their investment in your home is worth it. They can rest easy knowing that their basement is protected from the hidden costs of future water damage caused by basement flooding. When you work with Anchor Waterproofing, you get a lifetime warranty on areas we open up and a 3 year warranty on sump pumps, all of the exterior work excluding stairwell drains.  This is yet another way that your investment in waterproofing can pay off handsomely

Our waterproofing crew in Baltimore, Maryland, is well-versed in all methods of waterproofing. Call us today at (410) 918-2400 to set up a free estimate.

Call Anchor Waterproofing if you are seeing these issues:

Water In your Basement or crawl space

Musty or Mildew Smelling Basement

Damp Walls / Water-Stained Walls

Ground Water


Cracks on walls

White Powder on the Walls

The Benefits of waterproofing:

Healthier Home

Flooding Prevention

Peace of Mind

Prevents Structural Damage

Dry Basement