Why a leaking roof needs to be repaired or replaced

Do raindrops keep falling on your head? Wait—what do you mean you’re inside the house? That’s definitely not something you should ignore! Repair or replace your leaking roof right away. Here are some pretty compelling reasons why a roof fix is not a task that you should put off.

Interior damage

Leaks will wreak havoc on your interiors. Water that seeps in from the roof can easily affect a variety of structures inside your home. If the leaks are severe enough, there might even be some flooding. Roof leaks can be caused by a wide variety of issues. For example, improper gutter alignment and positioning can cause overflow to find its way into the interior, where it definitely shouldn’t be. This could cause roof timbers to rot, weakening the structure, and eventually causing serious and expensive damage to the home.

Even a small leak can cause major complications if left unchecked for too long. Warped rafters, damaged ceilings, compromised insulation, and eventually interior damage are all possible outcomes. This damage will in time affect the structural integrity and value of your home.


With water and moisture getting inside your home, mold is the next great concern after water damage. This is especially true if leaks are left unnoticed or unattended for a relatively long time. The moisture often leads to mold growth inside your home, which can be hard to treat.

Mold exposure can cause health issues for people who have asthma or allergies and can lead to a variety of chronic illnesses. Living in a home with moldy walls and ceilings and the musty odor that accompanies it, is something you definitely want to avoid.


The deterioration of structures around or under the roofing is potentially dangerous for the people living in the home. You don’t want any electrical systems getting shorted with the potential fire hazard that could result. Pipes can also rust over time with further serious consequences.

Energy efficiency

Leaking roofs can affect your attic insulation, which can then affect your home heating. This can translate into a larger-than-necessary electricity bill, especially during the colder months of the year. Fixing the leak ensures you are water-tight and energy efficient.

Fixing the leaky roof

A variety of different factors can cause your roof to leak. Zeroing in on the root cause should be your number one priority. Checking the external roof structure is a good place to start.

Survey the area in the vicinity of the leak. There may be damage to the roof covering. Some of the roof tiles or shingles may be loose, lost or damaged, allowing water to enter. Sometimes, patching the problem area using a DIY sealant may temporarily do the trick. Many leaking roof situations though will require more thorough and professional fixes.

The advantages of using an experienced roofer

Replacing roof structures can be a massive undertaking. Since time is of the essence when it comes to fixing leaking roofs, you should definitely consider hiring an experienced contractor. This is the best solution if don’t feel capable in terms of time, tools, or skills needed for the job. Using an experienced contractor ensures that your roof will get repaired or replaced without problems. Get rid of leaks and fix the roof the right way—get in touch with your professional local roofer today!