Stop basement leaks

It’s never fun to find leaks in your house. Leaks aren’t only an inconvenience, but they can also cause damage to your belongings and might even indicate structural issues within your home. For your safety and peace of mind, it’s important to get the ball rolling right away and come up with a fix for those nasty leaks. How exactly does one go about fixing basement leaks?

Temporary fixes

If you are able to spot the exact location of a leak and you want to temporarily put a stop to it, you can use sealants to patch up the leak. Of course, this solution doesn’t really fix the problem at the source, so you might eventually be looking at a bigger problem than you have now. Having a temporary fix at least gives you time to put a more permanent solution in place.

More thorough solutions

As a leak in the basement itself likely means there’s an underlying issue in the structure of and around your home, you would be better off looking into it to see if you can apply a more thorough solution.

One such fix is setting up an interior basement drainage system which will funnel away water that’s seeping into the basement walls and discharge it outside. This way, water will not make its way into your basement space.

Adding a sump pump in the basement is the really professional way to address basement leaks. The sump pump helps a lot in terms of removing moisture and groundwater that has already made it into your basement’s walls.

Another option is to add a French drain outside. This drain will redirect water away from your house’s foundations and can prevent a variety of issues such as heavy rainfall causing runoff water to seep into your basement.

Hire contractors

In case waterproofing your basement walls is too daunting a task, or you feel like you could use a more professional touch to ensure the best results, you can always call on professional contractors to do the waterproofing for you.

Professionals can assess not just the issues within the basement structure, but also other factors causing the issues from the exterior. They will have the know-how as well as the experience to identify the possible sources as well as other issues and factors that could contribute to the leaks in the basement.

In addition, contractors will have the heavy-duty equipment and manpower necessary for more complicated fixes and installations. It might cost a bit and take some time depending on the solution you agree upon but being able to secure the structural integrity of your all-important basement should be well worth the expense. You can always get a free estimate from your basement waterproofing specialist company, who will advise you about the most economical way to solve your problems.

So, make sure to stop those basement leaks the moment you notice them. If moisture or groundwater has made it inside your living space already, then that’s a sure sign that something needs to be done. Whether you opt for a DIY fix or work with a professional waterproofing company, getting that basement dry and leak-free should be your top priority.