Your home is most probably your most important asset. It’s where you spend a large amount of your life, and so you want to ensure that it provides you with the enjoyment and comfort that you need and deserve.

Waterproof your basement into a living area

Many people are unaware of the vital role the basement plays in ensuring that the home meets these requirements. At one stage or another, most families will need more usable living space. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, an area for family entertainment, or a private office or workspace, the basement is the place where you can most easily achieve this goal.

So it is very important that your basement is properly maintained, and this means first and foremost that it must be dry and securely waterproofed before you start any remodelling project.

Here are 7 important reasons why it is necessary to ensure that you have a clean and dry basement.

1) It’s Easier to Remodel

You can’t redecorate a room until all the surfaces are clear of litter, clean and most important, perfectly dry. Because the basement is the lowest point in your home, any leaks or seepage, will eventually find their way down there making the area damp and unpleasant. This is the main reason why many people avoid making full use of their basement area. The answer is to remove the cause of the dampness by taking the proper waterproofing measures.

2) Prevents Health Problems

Dampness always results in the formation of mold, and mold spores will be spread around the whole home with the natural movement of air. This can often lead to unwanted health problems. Many respiratory illnesses including asthma, sinus problems, chest infections, colds and flu, can be negatively affected by excessive dampness and mold in the home environment. A damp basement is the most likely source of these problems and so should be waterproofed even if you don’t intend to remodel it any time soon.

3) Saves Energy Bills

Dampness in the basement causes the air to become much more moist with a rise in humidity throughout the home. As it is easier to warm dry air than damp air, it is vital that the air in your home be kept dry in order to enable your heating system to work more efficiently. So keeping your basement air dry will result in a noticeable saving in energy costs during the cold winter months.

4) Protects Your Investment

Over a period of many years hairline cracks and tiny weaknesses may naturally develop in the foundations of your home, allowing the ingress of outside water into the basement floor area. The pressure of natural ground water rising after heavy rains will eventually lead to moisture finding its way through these cracks, causing dampness in the interior of your home. In order to prevent any deterioration in the value of your home it is essential that you take proper preventative measures to keep the basement area properly sealed and waterproof.

5) Increases Resale Value

Should you every decide to sell your home, or even consider re-mortgaging it to raise some needed finance, you want to be sure that it keeps its value in the market. The first thing that people notice when inspecting a home with a view to buying, is whether it smells fresh and wholesome. Dampness and mold are a sure turn-off. Make sure to keep your home an asset that increases in value over the years by ensuring that the basement is a dry and warm area.

6) Avoids Flooding

The worst scenario is when heavy rains and other harsh natural events cause the ground outside your house to flood and become waterlogged. The result can all too often result in a flooding of the basement area resulting in extensive damage and financial loss. The only way to ensure that this never happens is to have expert contractors inspect your premises and advise what steps if any need to be taken to keep your home secure.

7) Gives You Peace Of Mind

After remodelling your basement and turning it into a show-piece that brings pleasure and joy to you and your family, you want to make sure that it is as impervious as possible to the elements. The advice of an experienced firm of waterproofing contractors can provide this peace of mind, so don’t hesitate to arrange a free inspection by calling us. We are here to help you achieve maximum peace of mind!

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